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2011.08.11 Pub St Ciboire

Last night we played at the Pub St Ciboire, 1693 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal. As it happened the last time, the sound was great. That was a beautiful summer night, and it was difficult to bring people inside, as everyone was enjoying the good weather outside at the terrace. We had a very good time, and for the first time we tried a tune (Average White Band's "Oh, Maceo") with Richard on the Alto Sax and Gustavo playing a 6 string bass.

Here are some photos and videos, thanks Bea and Ering for the great photos


2011.07.22 Last Call

Last night was Krakatoa's first appearance outside the Island of Montreal... we did not got very far, we landed in Laval, and played at the Bistro Last Call. This bar has recently changed owners, and their goal is to make the place a known site where people go see good live music. The Last Call has room for about 40 people, and yesterday we got the place almost packed. We were treated very well by both the patrons and the people attending the bar. 
For this gig we were prepared to deliver 2 and 1/2 hours of music, which requires a fair amount of effort, but it seems in spite of the accumulated fatigue throughout the week, the whole equipment loading/downloading, and the insane temperatures we are having these days, we were able to pull this off. The feedback we got was very positive, and we had a lot of fun playing at this site. If you want to check the place out, the Last Call is at 4910, Boul des Laurentides, Laval.

Below are some photos taken during the gig. Thank you Erin and Bea for the great pictures you took yesterday!!!



2011.04.06 Upstairs Jazz Bar

Having the Upstairs Jazz Bar in our curriculum was for us one of the main achievements we had set for Krakatoa, as the place is famous for consistently offering great music, great food, and one of the best ambiances that Montreal can offer. The Upstairs was probably one of our our bests shows ever, the sound and the way we were treated by Joel and his staff made for us a memorable experience. In spite that we did this on a Wednesday, the place was pretty full, and the crowd was very amiable, and follow all our 3 sets throughout the night. We have to admit, we were not prepared to deliver all the music we played, and when we got to the 3rd set we were scrapping the bottom of the barrel getting out tunes we had not played for several months. In spite of that, our last 4 tunes: Herbie Hancock's Cantaloupe Island, Upper Extremities' Deeper Blue and our own Sept Iles and Bangalore were played probably as we had never played them. It was a great night, and we would recommend anyone travelling through these pages to visit the Upstairs, five stars place.

Below videos, photos, our poster. Thank you Joel and his staff at the Upstairs for an unforgettable night.

Video: Eleven Bullets


Photos: Thank you Eugenio Laborde for these great photos!

2011.03.25 Pub de la Place Dupuis

On March 25th we had the opportunity to play at the Pub de la Place, which has a good sound and visual setup, and people can be comfortably while drinking a beer and listening to the music. The Pub is downtown yet not easy to find, it is located inside a shopping-mall style gallery. The staff treated us very well, and Philippe Dassylva, the sound guy went all the way to accommodate all our necessities, so great thanks to him.

Artistically speaking, it was a great night for us. The room was packed with a lot of our friends and they made sure that their appreciation was felt by our band members. We played a couple of new compositions  there for the first time (Anniversaire 19, Eleven Bullets) and they sounded great. There were a couple of tunes that were really good, and there are a couple of videos below about them. The night was opened by Fred Eric Sauve, a Stick virtuoso from Montreal that went to play most of his material solo, and ended his number playing King Crimson's Red with Rob at the drums. His talent paved the way for us to continue the gig afterwards, so thanks Fred for your great presentation.

Below some videos and photos of our gig there, thank you to all our friends that came to see us here.


2011.03.18 - Inspecteur Epingle

Yesterday we played again at the Inspecteur Epingle. It was a beautiful Montreal evening when we started, and we had some snow falling by when we ended. We had a slow night public-wise but the people that came, and our band's closest fiends (Yeyo, Bea, Javier, Seymor, France) made the night a great event for us. At the Inspecteur we were booked by Alexis, who is a great guy and a pleasure to work with, he truly acted as a great host the first time we played at this venue, and we truly recommend his work. The other owner(s) lack respect for the musicians and often treat you like %(&@^, which is a total turn-off before a gig. The sound was great, and we could hookup our video system to project some images while we played. This time we tried a couple of new songs, Eleven Bullets (inspired on my brother Diego's interpretation of one of Emil Tabakov's pieces in 11/4) and "19th Anniversary", a rumba-style tune played solo by Gustavo.

Here are some photos, some very nice, taken by Bea