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2011.03.18 - Inspecteur Epingle

Yesterday we played again at the Inspecteur Epingle. It was a beautiful Montreal evening when we started, and we had some snow falling by when we ended. We had a slow night public-wise but the people that came, and our band's closest fiends (Yeyo, Bea, Javier, Seymor, France) made the night a great event for us. At the Inspecteur we were booked by Alexis, who is a great guy and a pleasure to work with, he truly acted as a great host the first time we played at this venue, and we truly recommend his work. The other owner(s) lack respect for the musicians and often treat you like %(&@^, which is a total turn-off before a gig. The sound was great, and we could hookup our video system to project some images while we played. This time we tried a couple of new songs, Eleven Bullets (inspired on my brother Diego's interpretation of one of Emil Tabakov's pieces in 11/4) and "19th Anniversary", a rumba-style tune played solo by Gustavo.

Here are some photos, some very nice, taken by Bea

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