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2011.02.18 - Bistro de Paris

Yesterday we played again at the Bistro de Paris; the night went through all possible combinations of weather you can have at this time of the year, hot, cold, snow, rain, but there was a lot of movement, it seems that the place is getting more and more young people, must be due to the excellent ambiance Claude and his stuff make of this place. We are betting the place will get more popular as the winter recedes and hot temperatures come back, so we are planning to play there every two thursdays, staring in March.

For musicians out there looking for a great place to gig, the Bistro de Paris is totally recommended .


2011.01.29 - Pub St Ciboire

Great gig at the Pub, we had Luc & the Holy Trilogy opening the night for us. For this one we have a video with a new tune we inaugurated for the occasion, "Pendule". The song is all in 5/4, and has a coordinated solo at the end with the sax. 

We were very well treated by the crowd and the people manning the place. They have a great sound-man that was very patient with us, and help us setup our rigs very well. Totally recommended place. Here is how to get to it:
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2011.01.28 - Bistro de Paris

These are some photos of our gig at the Bistro de Paris. For those looking to play there, we highly recommend this place, we were treated very well, their staff is friendly and easy going, which is rare to find around. There are several places in Montreal where local owners treat musicians as they are making them a favour, which is not the case here. Great ambiance, highly recommended.

Here is the Bistro de Paris address
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2010.12.22 - La Kachette

Concert @ La Kachette, Montreal, Quebec
This is the poster we produced for this gig

And here are some photos of the show

2010.09.10 - Inspecteur Epingle

Krakatoa in Concert with Diego Vacca invited to play percussion. Inspecteur Epingle, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

This is the poster we printer for this gig:

And here are some photos taken during the show: 

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