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2011.04.06 Upstairs Jazz Bar

Having the Upstairs Jazz Bar in our curriculum was for us one of the main achievements we had set for Krakatoa, as the place is famous for consistently offering great music, great food, and one of the best ambiances that Montreal can offer. The Upstairs was probably one of our our bests shows ever, the sound and the way we were treated by Joel and his staff made for us a memorable experience. In spite that we did this on a Wednesday, the place was pretty full, and the crowd was very amiable, and follow all our 3 sets throughout the night. We have to admit, we were not prepared to deliver all the music we played, and when we got to the 3rd set we were scrapping the bottom of the barrel getting out tunes we had not played for several months. In spite of that, our last 4 tunes: Herbie Hancock's Cantaloupe Island, Upper Extremities' Deeper Blue and our own Sept Iles and Bangalore were played probably as we had never played them. It was a great night, and we would recommend anyone travelling through these pages to visit the Upstairs, five stars place.

Below videos, photos, our poster. Thank you Joel and his staff at the Upstairs for an unforgettable night.

Video: Eleven Bullets


Photos: Thank you Eugenio Laborde for these great photos!

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