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2014.04.12 Petit Medley

Saturday, April 12th, 2014 we played at the Petit Medley on a self-promoted, self-financed, self-produced show, and we got the enormous pleasure to deliver our music to a full-house, people had trouble moving around.... really a fastastic atmosphere, surrounded by lots of our band's friends, a night we will never forget. For the event we had what we consider one of the most musically (and phisically) demanding sets, as we had continuous "challenges" throughtout the songs we played, which once we finished proved us that "we still got it".

As it was the first time we presented Krakatoa there, the people from the Petit Medley are absolutely great to work with, they made it very simple for us at each step of the way. The soundman that night was also a musician that knew how to follow the pulse of our music with great mixing and lightning work.

That night we invited Julie Chapais to play with us, for the first time. July delivered an amazing performance clearly stating her unique style, which moves from very sweet and jazzy to very dark and assertive within the same phrase. With her we played "Nouveal Chemin", "Mercurio", "Bronx" and at the end during the encore she came back so we could finish the night with the febrile rythm of "Atomik Underwear"

Thank you to all of those that could make it, it was a wonderful night for us. Thank you Bea for filming these videos for us!!


Adieu mon cher ami

Bass Folk Song #10

La pluie acide

La pluie acide


This is the poster we had prepared for our gig, and below the set list.


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