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2012.11.22 Lionel-Groulx

Last Thursday we had the opportunity to play at the College Lionel-Groulx, which offers a program of Jazz concerts where the students (and ex-students) have access to play, see others musicians on the stage on a very intimate, cozy atmosphere. We went there without knowing what to expect, as it happens when you play at a venue for the first time. The organizer Vincent Larose and the sound man for the night Pierre-Luc Gauthier were nothing but helpful, focused on making the night a great experience, truly professional people that are an absolute pleasure to work with.

For the night we had an opening band made of 5 ex-students of this College (they have a great music program there) that played about 5 tunes, their musicality and their groove was spectacular, I am still trying to digest the drummer they had, an absolute gem.

We had a 18 songs set, that we plan to play in 1 shot. Old as we are (:^) this is for us a little bit of a challenge, but it seems we were able to maintain the public interested during the complete set, as their engagement and participation made the night incredible for us. They ended giving us an standing ovation, which was an unbelievable moment we will always remember. Below are the photos (thank you Beatriz for these, they are great), and we wish we will have the opportunity again to play here. Also, recently added a video recorded by Marie Eve Lapierre.

Video - Mokushiroku

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