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2013.10.19 L'Alize

On October 19th we were invited to play with Mind Guerilla, a Folk/Rock group from Montreal with whom we share friendship and a very strong interest in music. We opened the show and it was an great night for us, we flew through our set very easily and each tune was well received and applauded by the public. The sound was great, the patrons at the Alize really made our lifes easy, and helped us throughout the night. The main difference with before was to start the show with a "fretless" sound, which we used in our first 4 songs. Below are some videos taken by Beatriz (thank you so much!!).


Nebuchedonozor, King of Babylon

Atomik Underwear

Mother Funk


2013.10.05 Manchester

After 6 months of relative silence after Rob's departure, we finally got to the point we had enough material to start gigging again; the opportunity presented itself in Trois Rivieres, about 150K from Montreal, at the Manchester Pool Club. The event was in benefit of "la Maison Albatros", event organized by Stephane Plante from Son G Sonorization. 

The event was wonderful for us; we were amongs the first sets, and time and space was given to us to mount our rigs, test the sound and have a nice gig. It was great to see the audience's interest in the Warr Guitar and Richard's mutiple saxes. Stephane and his team proved to be a great guys, made us feel at home. Thank you Beatriz for taking all these wonderful videos.

El Mejillon






Robert Duval

Dear all, here is the note to announce that a few weeks ago our dear friend, brother and founding member of Krakatoa, Mr Rob Duval decided to leave the group to pursue other musical interest. Rob's consistent energy, sense of humor, warm friendship and infinite patience with the other two of us was what kept the group going so far. We plan to invite Rob back to play a few with us whenever we will have the chance, and wish him nothing but all the best, hopefully share the scene with him playing the bass with his new group. Bro, we will definitively miss you.

As part of the transition, we have started to work with Diego "Yeyo" Vacca, who's playing style and overall attitude towards the instrument differs quite a while from Rob's, and brings some new latin and jazzy flavors to our compositions. We are currently "loading" Diego with our existing set and we are planning to focus our compositions to leverage his talents moving forward. Welcome Diego to Krakatoa!!!

We are planning our next appearence live at the end of our summer. Stay tunned!




2013.05.11 Sala Zitarrosa

This time it was just 1 out of the 3 members of Krakatoa in action, Gustavo's appearance in his dear friend Popo Romano's show in Montevideo Uruguay. For the show Gustavo brought his 11 String Warr guitar and a small travel kit to simplify the incredibly long trip back and forth from Montevideo. Two of Krakatoa's song were played that night, Anniversaire 19 and Bronx, so we thought interesting to include this journal entry here. 

One of the high moments that night was the appearence of Gustavo's brother Diego, a master of the Double Bass with whom played a jupitarian version of David Anderson's Capriccio Nb 2. The videos and photos are below.

David Anderson's Capriccio Nb 2 - Diego & Gustavo Zecharies

Anniversaire 19 - Diego/Gustavo+Popo/Miguel




2013.04.19 Club Balattou

On April 19th we played at the Balattou, as part of the selection process they have for the Syli d'Or. We didn't classify, but we believe we delivered a high-octane performance, with lots of great material. The sound and overall experience was wonderful, and the people that came see us and the other band looked very engaged and interested in our music.

Below some videos and photos of this experience:

Atomik Underware

Palais de Sable (during sound check)