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2013.01.19 Pub British

On January 19th we left Montreal to play for the first time at the South Shore (Rive Sud), at the Pub British. The idea was to offer the customers an "all included" package including some great food, drinks, and some Jazz/Fusion by us. Sometimes we wonder how things would go during a venue where people are eating and drinking, as Richard and Gustavo's solos sometimes may cause some digestive problems. In any case, the event went absolutely great, the place was quite full and people really appreciated the music. Lots of questions about the Warr guitar, the music and Krakatoa in general. We hope the future brings us the opportunity to play there again, the owners are great, the stuff and service are world class.

The "new" thing that night was Gustavo's new Warwick Thumb bass, it seems this one is a keeper, we could play the whole bass repertoire with the instrument, it has an amazing spectrum of sounds 

The only curious thing was the sound system, which almost died on us... thank you Real Defosses for lending your equipment and coming to the show, it was great to see and play for an old friend.

Below some photos, thanks Beatriz for these shots!!


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