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2012.12.15 Petit Medley

To start closing this very busy year, we prepared a 2 hour show we delivered at the Petit Medley. This was one of the "big" events we had planned for December, with lots of people invited, the appearance of Goran Jezdimir as our invited artist, and quite a difficult set of music that required lots of changes, new songs, lots of switches between instruments... the works. It was an incredible night for us, full of memorable moments we will never forget. For those that took the initiative to come see us (specially our friends from SF, Rockwell, Wulftec) and our dear friends and family we thank you very much for having participated on this great event. 
For this occasion we had planned the participation of Goran Jezdimir (les Gitans de Sarajevo), a magician musician that masters the flute and the sax incredibly well. We know Goran as he teaches sax to our dear fiend Gerry Custo, and following his suggestion we invited him to play on three of our songs, "el Mejillon", "Bronx" and "la Corrida". The videos below give great testament of what it was an incredible night. Thank you all for coming, thank you Erin for working our video projector, and thank you Beatriz for your magnificent videos.

Mother Funk

La peur que tu m'as fait

Depart de Montevideo

El Mejillon - with Goran Jezdimir

Bronx - with Goran Jezdimir


Palais de Sable

La pluie acide


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