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2011.12.27 Club Balattou

Our presentation at the Club Balattou was one of our best, as everything went well in spite of the weather we had (rain and then lots of snow) that night. The owner, their staff and the sound man treated us great, we had room and time to setup our rigs and they took care of everything. 

This was the first event organized by our new Manager/Agent, Lissa and we can say that we had placed the bar very high on ourselves as this first show together went very well. That night we played a lot of new material we had been working on during the last few months, including several where Gustavo plays the bass (both fretted and fretless 6 string basses), Richard uses his Alto sax and Robert brings his new Bongo to life. The new songs were:
    - Oh Ricardo!, funky interpretation of AWB's "Oh Maceo!"
    - El Mejillon, a sort-of-rumba, latin song, bongo/bass/alto
    - Nouveal Chemin, new creation, jazzy song with a lot of fretless bass
    - Espoir Infinie, very dramatic song, probably one of the highlights we had.
As we always do, we are extremely thankful of our friends that came to see us through the weather and the very busy holiday season; your support to keep this Krakatoa dream we are having humble us in every way, and inspire us to keep moving this project further. Below are some photos, thank you Beatriz for the photos and video.

Video - Nouveau Chemin


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