2014.02.08 Pub British
Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 7:43PM
Gustavo Zecharies

On February 8th we had the great pleasure to play at the Pub British again. Same as last time, the experience was absolutely great; we have to admit that playing for people enjoying their diner is risky business, we never know if we would blow their heads off with too much volume, or if someone would start throwing food at us. In any case, the public, the staff attending the Pub and the owners were spectacular. The Pub has gone through major renovations, and the new sound system and decoration gives the vibe of a venue that is becoming a reference site for musicians and people that want to see live/good music. We did two 45 minute sets and had a great time. Below three videos taken by Beatriz (thank you!!) and a couple from "the cockpit", right from a camera installed over the sound console

Nebuchedonozor, King of Babylon

Mother Funk

El Mejillon

Flora Tentaculum


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