2013.10.19 L'Alize
Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 10:27PM
Gustavo Zecharies

On October 19th we were invited to play with Mind Guerilla, a Folk/Rock group from Montreal with whom we share friendship and a very strong interest in music. We opened the show and it was an great night for us, we flew through our set very easily and each tune was well received and applauded by the public. The sound was great, the patrons at the Alize really made our lifes easy, and helped us throughout the night. The main difference with before was to start the show with a "fretless" sound, which we used in our first 4 songs. Below are some videos taken by Beatriz (thank you so much!!).


Nebuchedonozor, King of Babylon

Atomik Underwear

Mother Funk

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