2011.03.25 Pub de la Place Dupuis
Saturday, April 9, 2011 at 11:09AM
Gustavo Zecharies

On March 25th we had the opportunity to play at the Pub de la Place, which has a good sound and visual setup, and people can be comfortably while drinking a beer and listening to the music. The Pub is downtown yet not easy to find, it is located inside a shopping-mall style gallery. The staff treated us very well, and Philippe Dassylva, the sound guy went all the way to accommodate all our necessities, so great thanks to him.

Artistically speaking, it was a great night for us. The room was packed with a lot of our friends and they made sure that their appreciation was felt by our band members. We played a couple of new compositions  there for the first time (Anniversaire 19, Eleven Bullets) and they sounded great. There were a couple of tunes that were really good, and there are a couple of videos below about them. The night was opened by Fred Eric Sauve, a Stick virtuoso from Montreal that went to play most of his material solo, and ended his number playing King Crimson's Red with Rob at the drums. His talent paved the way for us to continue the gig afterwards, so thanks Fred for your great presentation.

Below some videos and photos of our gig there, thank you to all our friends that came to see us here.

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