Pattern 01 Examples
Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 8:03PM
Gustavo Zecharies in Bass, Bass guitar, bass, exercise, improvisation, music, plucking, rhythm, technique, training

Below the examples included on the Useful Melodic Patterns for Bass Guitar book, for pattern number 01.

Here is the "easy" example, trying the pattern over the E Major scale on its first position, starting at the 11th fret (D#) on the E string. 

Below, a video playing pattern 1, E major scale, fret 11

Now the advanced example, trying the pattern over the B minor harmonic scale, starting at the 14th fret (F) on the E string. 

Further below, a video playing pattern 1, F minor harmonic scale, fret 13

And here a quick example about how to use our pattern number number 1 on a chord sequence that goes: E major (I), C# minor (VI), B13 (V), F# minor 7 (II). Playing with the E major / C# minor scale.

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